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What Is Local Citation Listing Mean?

Are you sure you are being noticed by those looking to do business with you?

Citation building is about sending accurate information to relevant websites, including local business directories, so that consumers and search engines know where, how and when to find your business.

If your information is correct and consistent across various data sources, that increases your credibility with Google and other search engines. You need to be found by both consumers as well as search engines, because 51% of all searches have local intent. In other words, they are searching online for a local business like yours. And these local searches, 88% of which happen on mobile devices, have a 2x conversion rate, meaning they are twice as likely to become your paying customers.

With local citation building services, you can improve your local search rankings,increase traffic, and build consumer trust.​

Local Citation Building Services in Dubai

Benefits of a High-Quality Local Citation Service

54% of consumers use local searches to find a business, and 50% of them visit a local business within 24 hours of their search. So you can see why it makes sense to be found by potential clients.

Local directories are one place they look, and common local citation websites include Google My Business, Yelp, Facebook, TripAdvisor, Yellow Pages, and more.

If your brand fails to connect with your target audience, you are missing out on a lot of business. If you get a lot of online traffic from these local citation websites, but a low conversion rate (they don’t visit your local business), your profile needs to be better.

Local Business Listing Services

HelloPixels’ citation building services can not only optimize your profile for better conversion rates, we can help you get listed on relevant websites and the local business directories that matter the most.

Local citations are online mentions of your business that contain your name, your address, your phone number or any one or two of them. With our local citation strategy, we help you get featured where it makes a difference. Get started today!

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Why do you need Citation Building Services?

Benefit from searches for local businesses like yours

Provide accurate information to those looking for your business establishment

Drive traffic to your establishment – both digital as well as physical

Engage with customers who review your establishment

Build trust, aided by a culture of transparency

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Frequently Asked Questions

Local citations are any mention of a local business anywhere on the internet – in a local business directory, on a website or a mobile app. Local citations may contain the name of the business, address, and phone number (which is called NAP data) or any partial combination thereof, such as name and phone number.

Citation Building is all about having more mentions of your business on the internet and in local directories. If you are mentioned on a reputable and/or relevant website, it not only boosts your credibility with Google, but also improves your search rankings.

The basics are name, address, and phone number (NAP data). But it is best to be as detailed as possible as to provide whatever information is requested by local business directories and other third-party websites. For example, Facebook and Google My Business may ask you about your hours of operation, as well as the URL of your website. The best local citation is one which is complete and accurate – that is, it contains all the information for the earmarked sections.

The more the number of local citations you have, the greater is your visibility to Google. Being listed several times on the internet is an indicator of trustworthiness, as each website you are listed on is managed by someone other than you. This trustworthiness factor has a positive effect on your search engine rankings. This makes you more likely to be found by those searching for local businesses like yours.

There are two types of local citations – structured local citations and unstructured local citations. Structured local citations, which are listings of your business in local business directories, are the most common. An unstructured local citation is a mention of your business (name, address, phone number, any one, any two, or all three of them) on a page where a lot of similar information pertaining to other local businesses cannot be found. Examples of unstructured local citations would be online news articles, reviews, or blog posts.

You can build citations by submitting your name, address and phone number (collectively called NAP data) to data aggregators such as Google My Business, Google Maps, Apple Maps, Facebook, Bing Places and local business directories like Yelp and Foursquare.

You can also submit your NAP data to industry-specific websites, such as TripAdvisor for establishments in the hospitality industry. Alternatively, you could entrust this task to a professional citation building agency – they will help you get featured in the press.

Not all local citations may be indexed by Google. This may be because of poor website architecture which prevents Google from reading the NAP (Name, Address, Phone number) data of your business; or because the third-party website has low domain authority. Or if the website which carries your listing is irrelevant to your line of business (such as a financial services website carrying a review of your cupcakes). So always see to it that the listing is on a relevant website that Google trusts (as indicated by a high domain authority). If you are not sure, seek professional help – citation building firms can be of assistance in this regard.

NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) is extremely important for local SEO. Google aims to provide the most accurate information about anything. If one listing has a primary phone number and another listing has a secondary phone number, it is confusing to both human users and Google as to which is your contact number. Your business will subsequently be ranked lower than others in the search engine rankings. So it is important to be consistent with the name, address (one listing should not have Boulevard and another listing Blvd), and phone number across all listings.

NAP (Name, Address, Phone number) is only the minimum information you can provide to local business directories for structured citations. Wherever possible, provide NAP+W (Name, Address, Phone number + Website) information so that a link to your website is created. Most third-party websites will hyperlink the URL to your website automatically. For unstructured local citations, you can politely ask the owner of the page to link to your website and thereby add one more backlink.