Avoid waiting in line: Join TOQUEN Virtual Queue

TOQUEN Platform saves your time; allow the user to queue-up in virtual queues.
TOQUEN is a marketplace platform which enables individuals in saving time they spent waiting in various queues.

These queues can vary from patient’s queues in hospitals/clinics, to Mosques/Temples/Govt Offices / Banks / Elections / Theme-Parks / Museums / Salon / Spa / Therapies.TOQUEN Mobile Queuing lets you take control of your waiting experience at hundreds of different businesses around the world.
Toquen visitor log facility allows you to keep track of your visitor details.
TOQUEN visitor log is the ideal substitute for the traditional paper book and there are many reasons to use it: TOQUEN helps to reduce expenses because You will not have to buy a paper book again.

TOQUEN allows You to save space by not having to store paper books that in most cases are useless and end up in the trash.You contribute to save the planet avoiding the use of paper and with this the felling of trees.

TOQUEN gives your facilities a modern touch and your visitors will be impressed.
TOQUEN allows you to easily and quickly browse who have entered your facilities
The information you collect from your visitors are available for you to query at anytime from anywhere

We strive to provide our customers with products and services that meet and even exceed their expectations.
We are committed to continuous improvement and our Quality Management System provides a framework for measuring and improving our service and performance.

If you know a business that has long waits and doesn’t show up in TOQUEN yet, visit to find out how you can help bring TOQUEN there.
Wait forecasts are estimates, and may change at any time due to changes in staff availability, emergencies and other unpredictable factors

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