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What is Conversion Rate Optimization?

Conversion rate optimization is simply the process of increasing the number of conversions, that is, whether visitors turn customers after visiting your website or using your mobile app. This is often done using A/B testing to find out which works better with your target audience.

Why is Conversion Rate Optimization Important?

By maximizing your conversion rate, you can not only increase the number of customers, but also the average revenue per visitor. Conversion Rate Optimization helps you lower the costs of customer acquisition. All these enable you to grow your business.

Let us say a landing page receives 10,000 visitors per month, of which 100 become customers. The Conversion Rate is officially 1%. But if professional Conversion Rate Optimization consultants help you to increase the number of conversions to 400 per month – a 3% increase – your increase in the number of customers is 300%. If the average revenue per user remains the same, you would notice a corresponding 300% in your revenues.

Conversion Rate Optimization is not just increasing the number of customers, but also ensuring that the average revenue per user increases as well. A good Conversion Rate Optimization company can help you identify the right metrics to focus on. For example, if you offer services in the B2B space, then a good metric for measuring performance would be the number of leads generated and/or the number of deals closed.

For media pages, it could be the number of views as well as the time spent by each user on the page, followed by the bounce rate. The bounce rate is good measurement of performance which tells you if the visitor moved on to another section of the same website or exited the website completely. The more time they spend on your website, the better for you.

For ecommerce sites, performance metrics could be the number of products sold, or the number of items added to cart. If there is a mismatch between the number of items added to cart and the number of products sold, that points to a problem with the checkout process. Conversion Rate Optimization takes care of this aspect as well, because the aim is to add value.

For travel websites, performance metrics could include the number of likes or reactions on social media; or how many times it has been shared. The more the engagement, the greater are your chances of landing customers. Another way of measuring performance is to look at the difference in the number of travel bookings after the Conversion Rate Optimization process.

A good Conversion Rate Optimization agency would look at all the pages on your website. If a particular page is underperforming – it is receiving a lot of visitors, but the number of conversions is low – Conversion Rate Optimization consultants would try to figure out why and suggest changes to improve the number of conversions. Every small step matters to a professional Conversion Rate Optimization company.

What is a good conversion rate for my website?

Globally, the average conversion rate is 2.17%. This tends to differ by industry segment. Ecommerce sites have an average conversion rate of 2.57%, while food and beverage websites have a conversion rate of 5.5%. For something as specialized as hair care, the conversion rate is 3.5%. A good Conversion Rate Optimization consultant can inform you of the average conversion rate for your industry segment, and by country. This forms part of the Conversion Rate Optimization services that such experts provide.

How to Optimize the Conversion Rate of Your Website?

Conversion Rate Optimization firms look at every opportunity to improve the conversion rate. The home page is a prime candidate for Conversion Rate Optimization. Simply adding a chatbot that asks visitors engaging questions can take them to other sections of the website.

The pricing page is where it is a make-or-break situation, but adding tweaks can ensure it is more of a make than a break. When it comes to services, it has been determined that some demographics prefer a monthly pricing model while others prefer an annual pricing model. Finding out what is best for your service can turn out to be extremely good for business and help you make the sale.

Conversion Rate Optimization is all about increasing the conversion rate. One website added a pop up asking visitors if they wanted to be notified of discounts, and got 400 leads in just three weeks. This is how you too can appeal to both demographics – you don’t have to sacrifice one market for the sake of the other.

Subtly including calls to action on your blog page is a way of improving the conversion rate of your website. Landing pages have the highest average conversion rates of 23% since they have been designed that way, but there is still room for improvement. Simply adding a preview boosts the conversion rate significantly. If you are offering content, you could include a preview of what is to come once they order or sign up. Or a video of last year’s event if yours is an event website. There is always a way.

Conversion Rate Optimization firms can help you define your goals and break them down into achievable milestones. If yours is an automobile site that sees 50 conversions from 10,000 impressions, increasing the number of impressions to 20,000 and getting 100 conversions doesn’t improve the conversion rate. Good Conversion Rate Optimization specialists know how to do this both qualitatively as well as quantitatively.

Conversion Rate Optimization also includes making changes to your copy. One company substituted ‘Auto Insurance in Missouri’ with ‘Save Up to 32% on Your Auto Insurance in Missouri’ and saw a 79% increase in the number of leads generated. If you have an ecommerce website, abandoned cart email reminders are an effective way of getting people to complete their purchases. This too is part of Conversion Rate Optimization.

A good Conversion Rate Optimization agency can help you set achievable goals and get started.

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