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Over the years, we have been working as a professional company profile design agency in Sharjah. A profile design shows your company’s expertise and services. Our expert designers work for different industry spectrums. The massive professional experience enriched us with exceptional insights into company profile design.

When we commence a new project, we kick off with professional business insights and captivating marketing strategies. Our spell-bound strategies live up to the client’s expectations and industry needs. Designing an alluring profile is not an easy task, but our qualified profile design agency offers a flawless design approach to communicate your brand story. Our profile design team outlines a perfect sketch with enticing design elements. Apart from the design elements, we use eloquent content strategies to make it expressive and impactful. Our team renders superior-quality profile designs with genuine content that authenticate your business in Sharjah.

Quick steps to achieve online profile design,

Our Profile Design Services in Sharjah - Listing Our Expertise

We help companies launch their new brands or grow from their existing brands with the help of productive profile designs. Our team works with companies of all sizes including start-ups, SMEs, and large organizations. Our expert designers craft a company profile that showcases the core values, strengths, and achievements of your business. Gifted with in-depth analysis skills, we listen to our clients and create custom profile designs that align with your business goals. We create deep-rooted impressions that advertise your brand value in Sharjah.

Scrutinize our profile design services tailored to the target audience,

Traditional company profile design

Traditional profile as the name implies, it’s a collective document that provides an overview of your business. The traditional profile design includes a mission, vision, values, and detailed overview of the products or services. The profile content features the milestones, financial highlights, and management team.

Mini Company Profile

Mini company profile is a short version of the proper company profile. The mini-profile portrays an overview of the company’s products and services. The profile incorporates the most important information to convey a quick message.

Digital or Corporate Company profile design

A digital profile is a combined presentation of images, text, and even videos to portray the company’s products or services. We use out-of-the-box thinking to make it more impressive. The digital profiles are easily shared through social media or email.

Product Catalog

A product catalog is a company profile that gives detailed information on the product or services. The catalog includes product descriptions, images, and specifications.

Industries we serve - Profile design agency Sharjah

Focusing on your industry, we write and design the most value-adding business profiles in Sharjah. We include the most important aspects such as history, business offerings, and other design elements that gradually convert your prospects into trustworthy clients. We have a highly creative team efficient in developing stunning profiles every time. Our portfolio depicts our expertise in multiple industry fields. With effortless and competent services, we excel in creating industry-specific company profiles.

Real Estate
Civil engineering
Food Industry
Event management
Interior Design

Complete online company profile designers Sharjah

Company profiles register your brand quality and it’s impeccable presence in Sharjah. Our online profile design facilitates lighting-fast consultation and creative outputs. The design team has years of expertise in handling online profile design services.  The design team puts an enormous amount of labor into learning your company’s objectives and raising the perceived value of your brand among consumers.

Share the profile content including the company logo and industry domain.
Our qualified writers prepare high-quality content that matches your industry requirements.
After crafting the content, we share it for client review and approval.
We discuss the design ideas and prepare a design template for the profile
Designers share the first draft for review and feedback
After necessary corrections, we combine the client’s idealogy and our design elements for final approval.
After final approval, we provide the profile copy for printing.

Profile Design Agency Sharjah - Emphasizing our profile designing process

We follow a robust process throughout the profile design. Our team ensures high-level creativity throughout the designing phase. We collaborate with the most-accurate designers and technologies to meet the rising business demands. Here, we’ve outlined the profile designing process.


Consultation is the first step and most important part of the profile designing process. We understand your business objectives and its core values. We decide the project scope, required time, and budget based on your design requirements.


The research phase requires good analytical skills. Our experts analyze your brand and find the areas for improvement. We craft designs according to the target audience and competitors.


After consultation and research, we use the most appropriate concept that highlights your business activities and brand values.


We sketch the profile based on your suggestions. It’s a perfect teamwork where content writers and designers work together to finalize the profile design.


Once we get approval for the sketch, we start with the production. In this stage, we create the necessary images and layout. We offer a properly sized and attractive company profile.


We listen to our clients for their ultimate satisfaction. After the production phase, we share the document with our clients and make essential changes as per their design expectations.


We share the final product in your desired format ready to upload to the website, social media, or other devices.

Post-Design Support

Our team ensures continuous support until the design reflects your business goals.

Our Portfolio

HelloPixels craft company profiles that highlight your products or services. Company profile is the first step of your marketing plan. It brings out the creative side of business reaching more prospects. We collaborate on the best color and design elements to make it eye-catching.

We ensure unlimited revisions to obtain fully satisfied company profiles. Check out our recent company profile designs.

Our Happy Customers

Being a profile design firm in Sharjah, we offer cost-effective design services without hampering the quality. Our clients are extremely satisfied with our creative design strategies and content-writing capabilities. Our profile design experts combine innovative design ideas and outstanding customer support for exceptional profile designs. The eye-catching profile designs successfully communicate your distinct brand identity, products, and services.

Increase your brand value with our talented profile designers. Have a look at our happy clients.

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10 Steps to create an impressive company profile

A renowned company with phenomenal products and exciting history will never pay off your efforts. It’s time to show off, a snap blurb cannot explain your company’s offerings. You need a company profile that combines all potential elements into a compelling story for tangible results. The company profile informs customers why they should work with you or buy your products.

What is a company profile?

The company profile is a comprehensive overview of your business. The content highlights your company’s vision, mission, values, products or services. The profile presents a compelling brand identity communicating your unique selling feature. Company profiles usually differentiate a business from other competitors.

How to write a captivating company profile?

An impressive profile is the space to showcase your company. The below ten steps help entrepreneurs craft a vibrant profile that reflects their business vision and journey.

Dive into the most important tips while shaping your creative company profile,

Start with your company story

Every company is unique and the entrepreneur has a story behind it. The story creates a lasting impression among your customers. The story requires good narration depicting the company’s origin and its values. When you make the story authentic, investors connect with the firm. The story communicates what sets you apart from others.

Digital or Corporate Company profile design

The company’s mission and vision statement allow readers to get quick information on your business. Mention the core values and how they drive your business in the market. Using bullet points for easy skimming. Highlight the purpose and engage your audience.

List the products or services

When you render a company profile, explain the top products or services. The comprehensive description helps customers to understand your products. Describe your products with utmost precision and portray their unique features. Here, you can link to the product page or company website.

List out the awards and recognitions

If you have any achievements, it’s the time to show off. List out all the awards and recognitions to show the audience that your business is trustworthy and reliable. Let the customers understand your journey of success.

Showcase your unique selling proposition

USP or unique selling proposition is a factor that differentiates your business from competitors. In a company profile, you have to showcase the USP and attract potential customers. Whatever may be the industry sector, the market is crowded with competitors. So, you need a unique selling proposition that gives a competitive edge in the market. So, make it convincing and appealing to users.

Showcase your workforce

Employees are the greatest asset to your firm. It’s essential to showcase their skills and unique talents. Additionally, sharing statistics or demographic data helps employees understand their organization. On the other hand, readers know that you care about your employees. So, be happy to show your employees.

Build your reputation

Show your transparency to the customers. Build credibility about your company, and show them what can be done or what not. Validate your commitment towards quality and how you maintain it.

Connect with customers

Use the company profile as brand material and connect with your customers. Address the customer problems and list out the solutions to meet their needs. It creates a personal connection that enhances their lives. The connection shows them you’re not just a company but also their partner.

Finish with a CTA

Finally, make sure to include a CTA or Call-to-action at the end of your company profile. It can be an invitation for consultation, a visit to the website, or a request to follow social media accounts. Urge your readers to know more about your company. Use contact information such as address, phone number, email, website, or social media handle to share their inquiries.

Update your Company profile

Updation is significant to stay with the trend. A company profile is a living document of your business. So, as your business evolves, you need the updated profile version. Therefore, regularly update your profile and enhance your readers.


More than a document, a company profile is the soul of a business. It’s a short overview where readers get excited to know more about your brand. Use this opportunity to connect with your audience and give them the necessary information to follow your brand. Craft your business profile with utmost clarity and honesty.

Be authentic and let it make wonders in your business.

Top features of our profile design company in Sharjah

HelloPixels is a prominent client-focused company in Sharjah. We know the importance of impressive profile designs. With appropriate analysis and creative touches, we make it more captivating. Your business profile serves as an authoritative voice promoting your innovative products and services. Leverage exclusive profile designs for maximum impact.

Some of the best features that make us unique,

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A company profile is a documental presentation of your business and its services. Having a good company profile registers your business presence and brand value in Sharjah.

The brochure and company profile are two different entities. A company profile provides an overview of the enterprise and its performance. It’s shared among partners, shareholders, customers, and more. Alternatively, a brochure is exclusively designed to share information about a business’s offerings and it targets the customers.

Before choosing a profile design company in Sharjah, it’s significant to research their previous works. Analyze their efficiency, reliability, turnaround time, services offered, and more. All the above factors help you choose the best firm in Sharjah.

Yes, we have a professional content writing team to analyze your content requirements and share the best results.

Customer satisfaction is our investment. We discuss the design ideas and share them for the client’s approval, therefore, we rarely work on changes. Probably, we make it perfect in the very first draft itself.

HelloPixels is a home to creative profile designers in Sharjah. We reach out to any location and render exceptional profile designers. Our team members customize the business profiles with powerful content and maximize the brand value.

We start with designing a visually appealing template that custom-fit our client’s company profile. In the next stage, we incorporate their brand colors and fonts. Finally, we optimize the content in the exact position and make it clutter-free. Overall, our clients get a captivating and spellbound company profile.

Yes, we offer remote or online profile design services for our clients worldwide. They need not visit our office to share their business requirements. We communicate online and make it hassle-free for our clients.

We have a professional content-writing team to focus on the creative delivery of the text. When designers work on the visual aspects, content writers brainstorm creative ideas to elevate your business.
Start-up requires a compelling company profile that highlights their unique business solutions. Therefore, our team designs a company profile that describes the company features and experience of the team members. Additionally, we use clear communication to engage your readers.
Customer satisfaction is our prime motto in company profile design. Our team works until our client is satisfied with the final output. Initially, we listen to our clients and make it accurate in the first draft itself. However, we offer multiple revisions to fulfill their needs.

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