Web Developers


The job of web developers is to create websites. Apart from designing and constructing websites, web developers are generally responsible for the characteristics and technical aspects of the website. Thus, the site speed and the site traffic are handled by the web developers in UAE. They are also responsible for creating the site content that supports the technical facets of the website. In short, the role of a web developer in Abu Dhabi is to make the website visually appealing, and make the navigation of the site absolutely effortless.

Graphics Design Services in Abu Dhabi

Programming Languages used in Abu Dhabi

Web developers are conversant with technology and realize how computers and web servers’ function simultaneously. They are also very familiar with so many web applications, software programs as well as programming languages. In Abu Dhabi the computer programming languages include JavaScript (JS), C++, hypertext markup language (HTML), Ruby on Rails etc. Web developers perform their job by writing lines of complicated code, using an assortment of languages. They essentially choose a language that users can easily understand, such as English, and decode it into a special programming language that a computer can realize easily, such as HTML, Python etc.

The job of a web developer in Dubai

In general, the work of a web developer includes meeting with clients to know their desires and requirements regarding the construction of a website, or to discuss how the website is made functional and up-to-date. UAE Web developers construct the outline of a website, creating a visually stimulating home page, and a fascinating user-friendly design. Sometimes, they will have to write appropriate content for the website too. After a website is up and running, developers ensure that the site is functional on all web browsers, after testing and updating as per requirements.

UAE web development tasks

Web development tasks can be categorized into three sections. They are client-side scripting, server-side scripting and database technology.

  • In Client-side scripting, code is executed in a web browser and decides the overall appearance that can be experienced by the clients or customers, when they browse to enter a website.
  • In server-side scripting, code is executed on a web server, and powers the mechanism behind-the-scenes to make the website work properly.
  • Database technology helps to keep a website running efficiently and smoothly. Comprehensive web projects often distribute these tasks among multiple web developers.

Types of Web Developers in Abu Dhabi

  • Web developers generally come under one of these three categories: back-end developers, front-end developers, and full-stack developers. There are also web developers in the UAE who work as webmasters.
  • Back-end web developers: – These web developers generate the structure of the website, write code, and validate the functioning of the code. Their responsibilities may also include handling access points for others who want to manage the content of the website.
  • Front-end web developers: – Web developers who come under this category work on the pictorial part of the website. These are the pages that visitors see and interact with. This section of the website is also known by the term ‘user interface’. Front end developers in Dubai design the physical alignment of each page with the integration of graphics, and apply JavaScript and HTML to improve the appearance of the site.
  • Full-stack developers: – These web developers carry out the tasks of both the back-end and front-end developers in UAE. They have vast awareness to construct a complete website and can work for organizations which don’t have adequate budget for hiring a large website team.
  • Webmasters: – The web developers in Abu Dhabi having this name are basically website managers. Their key responsibility is to maintain the website, and keep it up-to-date. Also, they have to make sure that both the applications and links on each page perform faultlessly.

Tasks and responsibilities of Web Developers in UAE

As you are a web developer, you can either work for a company or work as an agency. You can take on projects of individual clients and work as a freelancer. With respect to your work situation in Abu Dhabi, the mode of tasks will vary.

Generally, the day-to-day work responsibilities of a web developer includes

  • To design task menus related to user interfaces and navigation
  •  Write and review code for sites, typically XML, HTML or JavaScript
  •  Integrate multimedia content onto a site and test web applications
  •  Find solutions to problems with performance or user experience
  •  Collaborate with other developers, designers and participants

Skills need to cultivate by UAE web developers

Clients and employers generally expect web developers to possess certain skills that can be beautifully utilized for various website development purposes. If you are interested in working as a web developer, you can focus your skills on building a basis for success.

Technical skills of a web developer in Dubai

Clients and employers generally expect web developers to possess certain skills that can be beautifully utilized for various website development purposes. If you are interested in working as a web developer, you can focus your skills on building a basis for success.

  • Coding: The common programming languages used for front-end website designing are PHP, HTML, JavaScript and Cascading style sheets. If you want to do back-end website development, consider learning Java, Python and Ruby.
  • Visual design: They must have awareness in terms of basic web design principles, such as how to choose fonts, use white space, and integrate images. These skills are essential to enhance your marketability.
  • Responsive design: People generally rely on an assortment of devices to view websites. Nowadays, it is imperative for Developers to utilize skills to constitute sites that appear as good on tablets and smartphones as they are available on normal computer screens.
  • Version control: Each time, when you face website related problems, version control allows you to track and control changes to the source code without turning again to the start.
  • Technical SEO: Many factors pertained to website designing will influence the search engine ranking of the respective site. They must understand the advantages of SEO in the development of a website.

Workplace skills required by a web developer in Abu Dhabi

  • Customer service: The website created by a web developer for a particular client should keep on client-focused to bring forth favorable results.
  • Communication: Web developers have to spend a lot of time discussing design ideas with their clients and team members in the midst of an ongoing project.
  • Detail-oriented: Minute details, such as a small alteration in the code, can produce vast variance in the performance of a website.
  • Problem-solving: Web developers often face problems while designing websites. They must have the ability and patience to identify such problems in coding or design, and try to resolve them systematically.
  • Organization: The habit of tracking project tasks, deadlines, budgets and workflow is very supportive, if you have to finish the designing work of a website on time.

Benefits of hiring web developers in Dubai

Marketing of any business through websites has become very vital these days. The increasing acceptance of internet marketing supports businesses to showcase their existence amidst their potential viewers. By hiring reliable web developer services in Abu Dhabi, entrepreneurs can easily establish their own business website. Apart from making an online presence, such a website can offer charming appeal and tremendous functionality to their business.

Here are some advantages of hiring a web developer in UAE

  • Speed and Performance – A talented web developer can design websites with increasing speed performance. The commitment and experience they have towards a project assist them in coding the responsive website. The skilful abilities of web developers offer swift improvement along with efficient output.
  • Perfect Branding – A well trained and competent web developer knows the tactics behind marketing, and hence he can create the logo and design that distinguishes the venture from the other similar competitors. He can strictly focus on the uniqueness to brand the business, so that it gets highlighted among the crowd.
  • Consistency in Design – If you are thinking of hiring a web developer, the same will help you create a high-level steadiness within your brand through web design. They will also help you realize the purpose to stand apart from the crowd while still fulfilling the prospects of industry and functional areas.
  • Manifold Platforms – A professional team delivers experience and awareness across various platforms, and also utilizes them while working on a project. They make it responsive, attractive and beautiful.
  • Save money – There are web developers in Dubai who offer advanced technology-based solutions at sensible costs. You can easily hire a team of coders, designers, developers and other professionals who can help you in the enhancement of a complete website. You may hire proficient web developers who can guarantee potentially higher conversions in business. For hiring the right web developer in Abu Dhabi for your business, you need to conduct little research and studies. Therefore, it is essential for you to understand the business ideas, and then look for a talented developer who can help you achieve the target easily.


Web developers usually create websites. Basically, they have to make sure that the website is visually pleasing and can navigate easily. Many web developers are also responsible to deal with the capacity and performance of the website.

Python is the multi-purpose and most powerful language used by most of the web developers. This language is ideal for data analysis as well as web development. Other languages generally used for website development are Java, PHP, C# etc.

For web developer jobs no college degree is required. Interested persons can enter into this high-demand job field by learning web development boot camps and coding. Nowadays, it is possible to learn website development online.

A web developer generally deals with the functionality and features of a website. A web designer will create graphics, logos, and layout and decide the appearance and feel of a website.

Client-side scripting talks about the creation of a website layout, look, feel etc by using languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Server-side scripting is usually carried out by web developers to generate the back-end of a website.

Web developers usually work about 40 hours a week, but they have to work during weekends or evenings to meet deadlines or to solve some specific problems

Web developers are comfortable to work from home. Thus, the web developer job offers a flexible and attractive career option.