Top Social media lead generation tips in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

It’s time to take effort on social media and bring more leads! When you hear the word ‘lead generation’, social media might not strike your thoughts. Instead, people spend a lot on web development because they consider it as the popular channel for lead generation. Still, social media has a positive impact on lead generation by creating a unique brand for your product or services. Furthermore, when you approach lead generation companies you get a high chance on enhanced business and ROI. If you’re a company in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, social media lead generation agencies takes your brand among larger audience with lower cost ever.

Therefore, b2b companies in Dubai or Abu Dhabi achieve better results while implementing brand specific lead generation strategies.

What is social media lead generation?

The process of raising your brand awareness and provoking users to enquire about the products or services offered by your company. It’s a part of advertising in order to gain potential leads and prospects. As you know, it’s a tough job to catch customer needs and entertain them amidst the tight competition.

Therefore, marketers should come up with instant and fresh ideas that keep your business engaging. Here, social media lead generation companies’ work on different tactical ways to gain more prospects.

Social media has been changed tremendously in the past years, so you cannot rely on the same old tactics. While approaching the best b2b lead generation company, they find new tactics to reach potential customers.

Find out the top Social Media lead generation strategies to adopt in Dubai or Abu Dhabi

Since its development, social media has been looking for more development. The key objective of using social media in lead generation include,

With more and more platforms entering this field, it’s quite challenging to gain attention from your target audience. Additionally, reach out to new customers by sharing relevant content and fortify your customer relationship.

Some of the strategies include,

Lead generation companies in Dubai and Abu Dhabi suggest running social media ad campaigns. These ad campaigns reach out to the most-relevant audience and improve their engagement.

While opting paid ad campaigns you capture the right audience and get visual insights to move further. This makes your paid campaign more powerful and effective. When it’s done right, ad campaigns act as the most promising lead generation tool by saving your cost and time.

Focus on these points while planning your paid ads

  • Initially, define your goal and objectives before setting up the ad.
  • Take efforts to increase brand awareness and thereby increase purchase.

Marketers planning to promote their video content accomplish it through compelling components of social media. For example – if you want to promote a webinar, use social media ads. Such ads support marketers to generate conversions and capture abundant leads.

Image advertisement

Images are the most engaging form of social media content. As per the reports, tweets with images receive 18% more clicks than tweets without images. Therefore, lead generation companies also suggest image sharing for a winning strategy.

Share blogs

In order to promote your content share relevant blogs online, for example – mention the challenges faced by your customers and make yourself an expert in it.

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Chatbot support and instant messaging are popular these days; moreover it has become the powerful weapon today. Chatbots connect with prospects and communicate better than humans. Therefore, it assures low cost and impressive results.

While starting your business in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, never expect customers to reach you instead you have to reach where they are. Hence, encourage users to make purchase without leaving the app.

How chatbots can be the best lead generation tool?

  • With AI bots, businesses can predefine their responses to customer queries
  • Bots analyze the intent of your visitor and take action accordingly. This acts as a source of lead nurturing.
  • Chatbots could generate previous interaction history for specific customer profiles, allowing them to deliver personalized content, message, and product suggestions.
  • Lead generation agencies use AI-powered chatbots for solid social media management and achieve potential prospects.

Proper content distribution is the part of content marketing. It’s not just enough to create exceptional content, unless you distribute it wisely. Here, social media creates a great impact on your content.

In Dubai, if you have a strong social media content strategy it simply turns your brand into limelight and increase followers. Additionally, to stand out in the competitions follow few innovative tactics and measure its results.

Follow these steps to improve your content marketing

  • Initially, define your marketing goals and tailor the social media content
  • Analyze which posts are engaging users and work more on it
  • Identify new ways to distribute your content and enjoy maximum exposure
  • With the help of social media metrics such as user engagement, ROI, or brand awareness, optimize your content plan.

Most of the b2b companies in Dubai and Abu Dhabi use social media video marketing for better results. As per the studies, more than 60% of the brand use video marketing and avail its benefits.

These social videos can be anything such as stories, updates, short profile videos, or simple comments on social posts. Businesses can create a single or several snippets that work as a brand building tool.

Utilize these key steps for a successful video marketing

  • Set clear goals before starting with the video
  • Choose which platform to share whether its Facebook, WhatsApp, or any other social media channel,
  • Choose the video type, since there are different formats like product demo, event videos, how-to, about us, etc.