Best Mobile App Development trends to watch out in UAE

The digital world has evolved so much because of its trending developments. Having a website will benefit your business but launching a mobile app will double up your success rate and return on investment. Moreover in emirates like Dubai and Abu Dhabi, every simple business is digitalized with a trending mobile app. Mobile app development companies utilize several upcoming trends at a break-neck speed and allow your business to survive in the Middle East digital world.

The app trends doesn’t remain the same, instead it keeps on changing according to the technology advancements, consumer demands, and a lot of factors have a direct impact on these trends. Certainly, staying up-to-date is the crucial aspect for the success of your mobile app in UAE. Furthermore, businesses are striving to hold a place on the mobile phones of their audience.

What are the benefits of using new mobile app development trends?

While implementing a new trend, we initially excite our imagination. However, mobile app development firms’ work on these trends and what we experience is really much better than imaginations.

Further, adding such features and functionalities are highly productive for your business. Developers bring these trends to the app and these trends will invite more users. Therefore, it’s easy to strengthen your business with creative app ideas.

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What are the poplar mobile app development trends in UAE?

Trends have their presence and we gradually gravitate towards them. Initially, the trends are advantageous and highly productive.

Are you ready for the launch of mobile app development trends? If yes, then have a look at the popular trends in UAE,

5G network – much awaited Mobile App Development trend

5G network is the popular and much awaited trend expected to hit the market by 2021. As per the studies, 2021 is expected to see a boom in the connections somewhere around 20 million to 100 million.

Mobile app development firms are now using 5G technology because of its additional benefits compared to 4G. 5G aims to be 100 times faster than 4G with low latency and extra stability. Therefore, you can see everybody rooting this technology.

Streaming service in Dubai or Abu Dhabi will see a revolutionary change while using 5G instead of 4G services. Because of its wider bandwidth, it’s quiet easy to handle VR and AR 3D objects. 5G network enhances the IoT services with better connectivity.

Expected future applications of this 5G network – cloud computing, wireless healthcare services, driverless vehicle technology and more,

Internet of things (IoT) – digitalize our lives

Having a network of smart gadgets represents the internet of things or IoT, As you know, internet has reached into our daily lives with several attractive benefits. IoT can control everything from our hall, bedroom, kitchen and more.

Therefore, IoT is finding a huge growth among app users and mobile app development companies also receive positive feedback on implementing these services. IoT has significant benefits in various domains like security system, smart connected devices, autonomous farming equipment, wireless inventory trackers, wearable health monitors, biometric cybersecurity scanners, and more.

For example – Amazon and Google have utilized this technology by introducing Echo line of devices and Google home voice controller

Future use of IoT – Smart cities and homes, self-driving cars and other vehicles, IoT in healthcare, and AI-powered IoT devices.

Machine learning and Artificial intelligence

Mobile app development companies in UAE have started using AI-enabled features in the mobile apps. Moreover, in 2021 AI plays a more active role in our lives. Besides the existing features, some of the tools like AI based cameras, users’ predictions, voice translations, and more will find new home in the smart phones.

Further combination of AI and ML can be useful in complex activities. Whether its android or iOS app development, it’s easy to learn the process from previous data, detect the problems and fix them in the real-time.

Machine learning incorporate our complete behaviours and actions through regular patterns and implement necessary actions without any specific instructions. For example – machine learning learns our shopping behaviour. So, next time when we shop online, the app itself guides you to the desired products without any browsing.

Future trends of AI and ML – smart camera, voice recognition ad translation, AI-powered face unlock, user behaviour patterns, and high-security app authentication.

AR and VR technology

AR and VR technology has a huge impact on mobile apps related to video, camera, and gaming. Mobile app development firms in Dubai or Abu Dhabi use this AR and VR features like people occlusion, motion tracking, etc. Moreover, most of the AR based app ideas are converted into fully functional mobile apps.

AR & VR technology benefits a lot of various sectors like tourism, healthcare, e-commerce and various other benefits. Some of the smart glasses like Hololens, Oculus, Magic leap, etc will provide a better visual experience.

What are the future trends of VR and AR?

Enterprise mobile app Development

Most of the mobile apps are professional and focus on establishing a growing priority in the business world. According to statistics, mobile app development companies use enterprise applications for easy access.

Such applications enhance the internal communication between organizations, improve employee satisfaction, and increase productivity. However, in 2021 most of the companies move towards the development of enterprise apps,

Entrepreneurs in UAE use this app as a step towards digital transformation and organize your complex business process effectively. Further, this enterprise app allows easy transformation of overall operations with added security.

Folding display

Folding display is going to revolutionize the smart phone industry. Initially, these models have arrived in the market in brands like Samsung galaxy and Huawei Mate X. Moreover, this trend is expected to come back with a bang in the smartphones. Folding display focus on changes in the screen size depending on user actions,

As per the trend, foldable display phones are trending and so, mobile app development firms expect a huge demand for apps that support folding display.

Implement the best trend in Mobile app development

Apart from the above listed, there are some trending apps like blockchain, Accelerate mobile page, beacon technology, cloud technology, mobile wallets, m-commerce and more.

Mobile app development companies in UAE focus on innovative trends and take your business to the next big leap.  

So, never hesitate in implementing the right trend and integrate into your phones. Further to stand out in the highly competitive world, it’s important to get connected with one of the best mobile app development firm in Dubai or Abu Dhabi.